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Over Time Acres Dairy Goats


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About Us

Over Time Acres is a small family run dairy goat experience near Lafayette, Indiana. We raise Nubian and La Mancha Dairy Goats for show and personal milk products.

Our Nubian bloodlines have a very strong Kismet background with a little Wind-Wild and Six-M-Galaxy thrown in for good measure.

Our La Mancha bloodlines carry a high percentage of Celtic Knot and some Dreamhaven heritage. Many, many thanks to Doug and Jessica Aller (and Daniel!) of Louisville, Ohio for the improvements they have helped us make in our herd!

We are a family of nine (yes, 9!), Brian and Tracey head up this crew, with support from Nathan, Natalie, Nichole, Tyler, Kaylee, Kara, and Brent. We also have three dogs and a bird!

On the pages that follow, there will be pictures, although not the greatest right now, there will be better ones to come. Be patient, our computer is almost as old and slow as Brian is!

You may contact us at: (765) 538-3221
or email at: